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Homely Skunks

 Family Skunks 


A Caring & Knowledgeable Private Breeder Of The Striped Skunks Who Let Them Be The Most Amazing Family Members

Homely Skunks is about a caring and knowledgeable Striped Skunks private breeder, based in London(U.K.) who considers their skunks nothing less than members of the family and who lives at home with them.

We breed our Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis) in our family home and they are all offspring of our pets, reason why we also have a record of their lineage. We focus on their care and their development from the very early stages with meticulous attention not only to their health, but also to their emotions. We keep a small family to guarantee each of them have the best care and attention possible. We keep them well socialised with humans, siblings and their parents. We look after every single baby and adult like they would have been the only one, considering and respecting each one's personality and adjusting our behaviours from time to time to meet their needs in full. Our babies as infants, are looked after and cared for 24/7, including carrying them with us in case of traveling, with no time off. We let them explore and get used to different environments and stimulate them to make decisions through trainings based on positive reinforcement and always force free.

We do our best to make sure that a Skunk is actually the type of companion you are expecting and looking for with honesty and transparency, if that will be the case, we will make the transition from our loving home to yours as easy as possible as well as support and educate the new owners during the whole journey with their new friend.

We only breed when all the previous year litter has new families.

Our skunks are constantly cared for, socialised and supported at all stages of their lives, it will make no noticeable difference at which age they will join your family in terms of bonding time and affection.


“ I would like to thank you for all the support you gave us throughout the process and not only.

I loved the video call where you showed us the babies and also went through all the infos; we also want to thank you for always making yourself available when we need any help. Especially with our little one, you went above and beyond helping us even to get an exotic vet for her! "

L.T. Chang

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