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How it works

Let us know your interest in the babies as soon as possible!

NOTE: Skunks breed once a year and we start building our waiting list from January, the kits will be ready to start going to new homes when fully independent which usually is around the end of summer depending on the individual.

We only breed when all the previous year litter has new families.

Our skunks are constantly cared for, socialised and supported at all stages of their lives, it will make no noticeable difference at which age they will join your family in terms of bonding time and affection.

Send us an email or a message with your details and specifying colour and sex of the little one you are looking for if that is key for you, otherwise keep it general.

We will reply as soon as possible with an update and you will be added to a waiting list if the one you are looking for is not available/born yet.

STEP 1- availability & timeline:

You will be contacted when we will have babies available, but not ready yet, that meet your criteria to double check if you are still interested and to let you know when roughly will be ready to go.

STEP 2- the video call:

We will follow up with you when ready to take the actual booking.

At this stage, we will schedule a video call with you, you will be able to see the skunk and his/her temperament and have a chat with us to answer all your questions.

STEP 3- deposit & support pre-arrival:

After giving you a little time to make up your mind, this will be the time for sending a deposit to secure your skunk.

We will need to retrieve the deposit not later than one day after the confirmation. if not received, we will provide the next person on the waiting list with the opportunity.

After us receiving it, we will send you by email the "set up & warning" document with all the info in details to help you to get ready for your skunk arrival.

Everything regarding bed, toys, litter box, etc is there!

STEP 4- collection or delivery:

We will now plan together the day to collect or for your new little friend to be delivered to you by us.

NOTE: The delivery price will depend on location/post code and will be by one of us in person, feel free to ask us more infos. We don't use or accept couriers.


  • A set up & warning document prior and for your friends arrival.

  • A diet and required supplements guide.

  • A care guide.

  • A sample of part of their daily food.

  • Microchipped.

  • Deworming support and started by us if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Skunks need to be distemper vaccinated every year by your exotic vet. Distemper is a fatal illness for them, so this is a must. Depending on the age, your skunk might have been already vaccinated by us for the current year.

Our support won't end when your new friend will be with you!


Feel free to keep us as your first contact for their lifetime support and suggestions!

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